Mildred Browder Hughes Collection


Mildred Browder Hughes Collection


The photographs and documents in this collection were created or collected by Mrs. Mildred Browder Hughes. Mrs. Hughes was a fixture of Johnsonville journalism for decades, working extensively with The Weekly Observer from its inception in 1974. She continued to write through the 2010s and was the author of several books, including "Life In The Past Lane."




Mildred Browder Hughes

Collection Items

Johnsonville Bicentennial Celebration, 1976
Photo shows festival goers and the old doctor's office on Broadway. The office was later replaced by a newer building to house the Johnsonville Pharmacy.

Councilor Pansy Stone and Mayor Connie DeCamps, 1977
New Johnsonville councilor Pansy Hanna Stone poses with Johnsonville mayor Connie DeCamps. Pansy Stone was elected to Council in 1977.
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Sarah Wilson

Are there any slaves records available from 1832? I am searching for my grand parents that was born aroung 1832



Hi Sarah - not through our site, but I would suggest checking with the International African American Museaum (IAAM) out of Charleston - they have a family history center that specializes in slave records.  Here is the link: 


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