Highway 41 leaving Johnsonville, 1954


Highway 41 leaving Johnsonville, 1954


Highway 41 leaving Johnsonville, 1954. Near the horizon Railroad Ave and the railroad track intersects 41. The road hooks right at the horizon toward Lynches River. The farm to the left is the R. W. Turner farm. The building in the foreground was a corn barn with a shed on the rear. The Gaster farm bordered the Turner farm closer to town, passed down from the Johnson family. To the right was the James Graham farm, which was sold to Wellman Combing Company. Wellman was constructed behind the Wellman Texaco Gas Station (center left).
Wellman would allow their employees to have a charge account there that was deducted from their weekly checks, A sheep pasture was conducted across the road.
Wellman was a full service gas station. Gene Dennis and Robert Hooks were the cheerful attendants; they pumped the gas, cleaned windshields, checked the oil and also serviced cars and sold & mounted tires.


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