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William Andrew Lawrimore (1871-1962) and his wife, Annie Stacia Watson (1877-1950), were farmers and operated a country store at Muddy Creek. William and Annie's last name is sometimes spelled Lowrimore interchangeably.

Their children…

Graduating Class.jpg
Members of the Johnsonville High School senior class after receiving their diplomas at commencement, 1953.

The news article lists all of those in the picture, and a full real photograph is included for additional clarity.

First Row, L to R:…

Delance Poston and John Jones, 1950 JHS Baseball.jpg
Images show: Delance Poston and John H Jones; Batboys Briley Taylor (6th grade) and Robert RJ Venters (4th grade); Wilson Cain (2nd Base) and Lenair Altman (catcher); Harry Gaskins (outfield) and John Louis Gaster (shortstop).
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