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Witherspoon's Ferry vested in John Witherspoon 1801.jpg
The Statutes at Large of South Carolina: Acts relating to roads, bridges and ferries, with an appendix, containing the militia acts prior to 1794 - By South Carolina, Thomas Cooper, David James McCord

Excited SC Town Awaits New Plant - Charlotte Observer 2 May 1956.pdf
Wellman Plant anticipation.

6th Grade, Vox Elementary 1955 Cora Collins.jpeg
Several photographs and documents related to the 6th and 7th grade at Vox Elementary School, 1955 and 1956.

Files include:
Cora Collins - teacher
A letter from Mrs. Henry D. Powell
Vox 6th Grade, 1955
Vox 7th Grade, 1955
Vox 7th Grade, 1956

Map 2.jpg
Map insertion from the cover of The Promised Land by Elaine Y. Eaddy

From Troubled Farm Town to Thriving Community 1970_10_04 Florence Morning News.pdf
Article describes Johnsonville's progress from 1912 to 1970

Johnsonville is Hustling Little Town - Florence Morning News -1952_01_27.pdf
Includes photos of Seaboard Air Train Depot, town officials, and J.H. Owens, freight and express operator.

Westside, Florence Morning News, 6-27-1956.pdf
Westside Free Will Baptist Church

Johnsonville Flashes - Florence Morning News - 1973.pdf
Flashes victory over the Bishopville Dragons.

Charlie Prosser, C.O. Powell, Pete Hanna, Delmus Abrams, log cabin 1934.jpg
The Log Cabin, AKA the canteen or the cannery from Johnsonville High School. Constructed in 1934 by Charlie Prosser, C.O. Powell, Pete Hanna, Delmus Abrams.

Jr Class Maisie 1949.jpg
Maisie Poston Ballou is standing to the left. This photo is taken in front of the old Johnsonville High School, now the District Office for District 5.
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