Indiantown Presbyterian Church 1757-1957


Indiantown Presbyterian Church 1757-1957




James F. Cooper


Indiantown Bicentennial Committee


Cathy Boyd Barber


Indiantown Presbyterian Church 1757-1957.pdf



James F. Cooper, “Indiantown Presbyterian Church 1757-1957,” Johnsonville SC History, accessed March 2, 2024,

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Thank you I lived there and went to school there it was a wonderful place to live!I was 10 years old then my family moved us to N.C. We my family and I lived in The Old Stackhouse home very close to the pond!I remember walking on the side of the pond seeing old graves very very old graves and dead animals bones and we keep up the feeding of the ducks while we rented the house.My Father was Guy Aubrey Brigham and My Mother was Brenda Todd Brigham ,at that time also My Grandmother rented and lived in the Big beautiful house across from The Stackhouse's we as children use to go and do crafts With Mrs Stackhouse ceramics with my Mother !Then we had to leave school in Indiantown,and go to school in Hemingway them to school closed down!It was when the blacks and whites couldn't go to school together I remember that had a lot to do with its closing!

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