Thomas and Margaret Johnson Grier


Thomas and Margaret Johnson Grier


Thomas Rothmahler Grier (1817-1883) and Margaret Ann Johnson Grier (1823-1891)


Thomas Rothmahler Grier (1817-1883) and his wife, Margaret Ann Johnson Grier (1823-1891). Thomas was a magistrate and was known as "The Squire." He owned a plantation near Lynches River given by Margaret Johnson's father William J. Johnson, who founded Johnsonville.

The Johnson plantation was a part of the original grant to John James. William Johnson, Sr. had bought a part of the grant from the heirs of John James. He also purchased a portion of the land granted to the Witherspoons. It was part of the Witherspoon grant that was given to Margaret Johnson Grier.

Margaret was the daughter of Captain William J. Johnson (1787-1851) and Sarah Crosby Johnson (1790-1867). Thomas Grier was the son of James Marion Grier (1780-1827) and Elizabeth W Covan (1800-1873).

Elizabeth Covan Grier later married a second time to Thomas Duke. She is buried along side Thomas and Margaret Grier at the Grier Cemetery in Johnsonville.

The children of Thomas and Margaret Johnson Grier are:
Sarah Grier (1844–1900) m. William Melvin Haselden
William James Grier (1848–1917) m. Celia Graves Johnson
Julia Ann Grier (1850–1900) m. Franklin Evander Hanna
Thomas Mitchell Grier (1854–1877)
Judith Crosby Grier (1857–1938) m. Zachary Taylor Eaddy


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