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Thomas Franklin Hanna Family Tree.jpg
Thomas Franklin Hanna married Nekoda Laharp Altman. Their children were:
James Franklin "Bubba" Hanna 1900–1984
Arles Timmons Hanna 1902–1986
Webster Olee "Pete" Hanna 1904–1967
Lucille Hanna 1908–1970

William James Johnson Will 1850.pdf
Last will and testiment of Captain William James Johnson (1787-1851), founder of Johnsonville, SC.
Specific reference to Johnson's Ferry:
"I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Sarah Johnson my dwelling house house and other buildings, and all…

Franklin Evander Hanna and Julia Grier Hanna color.jpg
Franklin Evander "Vander" Hanna (1858-1918) and Julia Ann Grier Hanna (1850-1900) were farmers who owned most of the land along the Vox and Midway Highways and bound by Deerfield Road and Lynches River.

Prior to 1870, Vander's family owned land…

Thomas R Grier (1).jpg
Thomas Rothmahler Grier (1817-1883) and his wife, Margaret Ann Johnson Grier (1823-1891). Thomas was a magistrate and was known as "The Squire." He owned a plantation near Lynches River given by Margaret Johnson's father William J. Johnson, who…
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