Connie DeCamps, Mayor 1977-1982

Connie DeCamps 1977, colorized by Josh Dukes.jpg

Mayor Connie DeCamps, 1977

Constance Spako DeCamps was born in 1927 in Salamanca, New York to Edward and Edna Parks Spako. Her family moved south to New Orleans. She later married Dr. Arthur DeCamps (1924-1998). They moved to Johnsonville from Olanta around 1950.  After her children were grown, DeCamps turned her attention from cub scout meetings and school functions to local government.
"Some friends asked me why didn't I run for the city council. I thought about it and reasoned, why not? I ran and fortunately won the campaign. Johnsonville has been my home for 27 years. It's a good town and we have fine people here. Johnsonville has given our family such a good life, I felt I should contribute whatever talents I have to serving the city.
DeCamps was elected to city council in 1974 and served one term before deciding to run for mayor. She won the seat in a 3-way battle.
"Being a woman hasn't made any real difference. I have not been discriminated against nor have I experienced any special privileges because of my sex. When I go to municipal meetings and take part in other functions, I'm treated like any other mayor - and that's the way it should be."
She resigned the mayorship in September 1982 after determining she didn't have sufficient time to dedicate to the job. Connie DeCamps passed away in 2005.