George Allen Avant

George Allen Avant, Senior Portrait, 1959

George Allen Avant, Senior Portrait, 1959

George Allen Avant (1938-2020) was born in Johnsonville, SC to Rev. James Zopher Avant and Lear Prosser Avant. He was a retired machinist for Tupperware and was a member of Community Holiness Church. He was first married to Monta Elizabeth Altman Avant.  He was a member of the Johnsonville American Legion Post # 144 and the Shriner’s Club. He enjoyed fishing, hunting, singing and playing bluegrass and Gospel music, spending time with his family but most of he loved serving his Lord and Savior.

The following history was recounted by George Allen Avant (1938-2020) to Amber Owens as part of a 5th grade history project:

"I attended Johnsonville Schools for 5 1/2 years, then Vox School for a year and a half, then Johnsonville High for 5 years.  In 1944 I had Mrs. Patterson for 1st grade.  She was my favorite and sometimes she would pay for my lunch if I didn't have any or if it smelled real good.  Lunch at that time was only 3 cents.  My fondest memory was chasing my sweetheart Ella Russell Cox at recess. I must have loved to fight, because I fought every recess for a silver dime. 

I went to Vox for 6th and 7th grades.  The worst thing about it was they had 2 grades in the same classroom.  I twas hard for me to concentrate on my work while the teacher was teaching the other grade!

I went to Johnsonville High School for 8th through 12th grade.  I was always in Mr. Floyd's office for some reason or the other.  My best memories were the shows in the auditorium or the gym.  Sometimes it was animals, musicians, puppets, or Uncle Ugly and Snuffy Jenkins.  These were my favorite times of school because I had to stay in most recesses."